Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Reading Labour's Spending of Taxpayer's Money Back in the Spotlight

The Taxpayers Alliance recently published two recent reports highlighting controversial spending of taxpayers money by local authorities and public bodies across the UK - including by Labour when they ran the Council in Reading (up until last May).

I don't tend to follow the TPA that closely but these two recent reports caught my eye.

The first is in relation to car allowances for staff which were recently reduced by the Coalition administration to 25 pence per mile, saving the taxpayer £95,000 and helping the Council to safeguard vital services to residents.

The Reading Evening Post revealed in 2009 how the Council when it was controlled by Labour paid some staff £2.10 per mile.

You can view the Taxpayer's Alliance's national report into how council car allowances compare here.

The second was a research paper the Taxpayers Alliance recently published into taxpayer funding of trades unions - an issue which hit the headlines in Reading a couple of months back.

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