Saturday, 23 April 2011

Campaigning with Reading's Growing Lib Dem Team

Paul Burstow MP with our local election candidates in Forbury Gardens

Over the last few weeks I've been out campaigning hard for the local elections in Reading on May 5 with our fantastic team of candidates.

Knocking on doors seven days a week can be tiring on top of a day job and my Council duties but I've had so much fun this year.

This is thanks in part to the lovely sunny weather but mostly thanks to the brilliant group of people who have been joining me on the doorstep week in week out.

There is a lot more to being a candidate than meets the eye and I have huge respect for people who are willing to stick their neck out and stand for election, and become a councillor.

Campaigning with Margaret McNeill in Katesgrove

We are fielding our strongest ever team of local election candidates this election.

The people standing for the Lib Dems in Reading are all community campaigners who care about their areas and want to change things for the better. 

All of them are totally committed to helping residents in their wards and protecting vital services across the town.

I am delighted we have so many women standing for us this year.

It's also great to have so many people from different backgrounds who bring new insights and skills to our campaigns.
Campaigning in Whitley with Jamie Wake

We have a number of candidates who are standing for election for  the first time.

Some have joined the Party only recently - including in some cases since the coalition was formed.

The Reading Lib Dem team is growing and it is really exciting to see new members blossoming into activists and campaigners.

Lib Dem members do lots of work for the Party locally including delivering leaflets and generally helping out and are a great support to our team of councillors.

In talking about our newer candidates I am not overlooking our councillors Kirsten Bayes and Chris Harris who are standing for re-election in Redlands and Tilehurst respectively.

Kirsten and Chris are both very committed and dedicated people who are fully signed up to working hard for residents for another 4 years in their wards.

We are very lucky to have them.
Campaigning in Redlands with Kirsten Bayes

Standing for election is a nerve-wracking thing to do - I should know!

So I wish all our candidates the best of luck on 5 May (polling day).

A number of our candidates are on Twitter:

Dr Jenny Woods - Caversham @drjennywoods
John Oakley - Battle @john4battle
Georgina Hughes - Abbey @liberalgeorge
Kirsten Bayes - Redlands  @kirstenbayes
Dave Warren - Southcote @dave4southcote
Jamie Wake - Whitley @jamiewake

For a full list of Lib Dem candidates standing in the local elections in Reading on 5 May visit our local Party's website.

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