Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Local, Social, Digital

Earlier this year I was invited by Lucy Watt, former Lib Dem Councillor from innovative consultancy FuturGov to  take part in a fringe event about how politicians can use social media to engage.
I was chuffed to be invited to speak at the event alongside such luminaries as Lib Dem Voice's Mark Pack and Julian Huppert MP (Cambridge).
Lucy has kindly uploaded my personal take on using social media which you can watch below. I spoke about using Facebook and Twitter alongside blogging to get my message across and get feedback from residents.

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  1. That's a superb, concise rationale for using social media to engage with local people. All councillors should be encouraged to view it, particularly those who may be reluctant to adopt (or simply do not understand) a social media strategy for promoting local democratic engagement.