Thursday, 26 May 2011

Reading Labour Promise Council Tax Freeze in 2012

Good if rather surprising news for Reading residents today as Labour are publicly promising not to increase Council Tax whatsoever in 2012.

See this exchange from Twitter earlier today:
Disappointed to see @CllrDaisyBenson using twitter to dispense worry on the #rdg hashtag. Labour have no plans to raise Council Tax. None.
When Labour ran the Council in previous years they increased Council Tax year on year adding to the burden faced by residents - particularly those on fixed incomes.

So if they deliver this it would be a first for them.

There was no reference to such a pledge in the Labour manifesto so it is a surprise promise.

Labour have also promised no cuts in services.

As I have already stated, the Lib Dems will be keeping a close eye on the new Labour administration and making sure they keep all the promises they made to residents before, during and after the election.

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