Wednesday, 16 February 2011

An Emergency Call

This morning on the way to work I helped a young woman who collapsed in the street in front of me in on a traffic island on Caversham Road in central Reading. I did what I hope anyone would do in an emergency situation and stayed with her while I called for help. Although I am Lead Member for Health I am not a medic and I would like to pay tribute to the other passers by who assisted her and also to members of the South Central Ambulance Trust who on the scene arrived so quickly after I called them despite it being the middle of the rush hour.
I tweeted my experience and subsequently got a phone call from the Reading Evening Post. As I was about to leave the office for the day I got a call from the same journalist to tell me that the family of the young woman had got in touch with the Paper after reading the article to pass on their thanks.
I was able to speak to both the young woman and her mother earlier this evening. It was good to hear she was recuperating at home (after being discharged from Royal Berkshire Hospita) after what must have been a very stressful experience. I'm really glad I was able to help.

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