Thursday, 20 January 2011

Only connect

So far this week I haven't had much time to update the blog due to the number of meetings and work I've had to do but I thought I would post links to a couple of videos and blogs I've enjoyed reading lately.
They are on the subject of that much misunderstood, much maligned beast - the modern politician.
They feature perspectives from two commentators who are not themselves politicians but who have worked closely with them particularly on communication and polling.
The first is from Matthew Taylor, former Downing Street Adviser under Tony Blair and now Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts who proposes a website to promote the good work politicians of all parties do to help give a more balanced picture and encourage people to get involved. I don't suppose this will catch on (!) but I support the principle. Too often the media presents a very negative view of politcians at all level and all political colours and this only goes to diminish and damage trust in our political process.
The second is a video interview with Deborah Mattinson who argues for politicians to do more to embed themselves in their communities to give their constituents a better understanding of what they do and to represent their electorate more effectively. Both links are well worth checking out.
I am currently also in the middle of reading the second volume of Chris Mullin's diaries Decline and Fall (given to me as a Christmas present).  They are highly-recommended because as well as being very amusting and interesting they provide an excellent insight into the workings of our modern Parliamentary democracy from the perspective of a backbench MP - not something you often get unspun.

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