Saturday, 27 November 2010

National Empty Homes Week (21-27 November 2010)

This week in conjunction with National Empty Homes Week Reading Borough Council is urging residents to report empty homes to the Council so where possible they can be brought back into use.
Residents can report empty homes via email  or call (0118) 937 0088. Please visit for more information on how to report empty or derelict properties in Reading.
There are around 540 private homes in Reading that have been empty for six months or more. 340 belong to individuals, 160 belong to companies and 80 belong to housing associations. In recent weeks officers have worked with property owners in Christchurch Road, London Road (pictured) and Beecham Road to bring derelict properties into use. This follows a successful campaign fought by the local Liberal Democrats in Reading to get the issue taken seriously following years of inaction by Labour.
Nationally, an estimated 300,000 houses have been empty for 6 months or more which represents a huge wasted resource. Earlier his week the Coalition Government unveiled proposals to empower housing associations to bring empty mes back into use and manage them as affordable housing, helped by £100 million pounds worth of additional funding from the Homes and Communities Agency. Locally, as well as nationally I am pleased to see a a strong commitment from Liberal Democrats and Conservatives who are working together to get action on this issue - what a refreshing change from the complacent approach taken by Labour politicians.

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