Thursday, 8 April 2010

CllrDaisyBenson 'Twitter Influencer' shock!

A friend posted a note on my Facebook wall today telling me that according to PR firm Edelman I am the most influential Lib Dem PPC on Twitter according to my political 'Tweet Level' - this 'measures the influence of individuals on Twitter based on a number of factors (including re-tweets, followers, frequency of tweets, references etc measured by an algorithm). This took me a bit by surprise. It's a bit of fun and I'm not taking it too seriously. I'm used to politicians who don't understand the power of social media not getting it and clearly only a fraction of residents use it. Still, neither of those things are reasons not to use it in my book. About me the press release says: 'Perhaps unsurprisingly, candidates being younger and more attuned to web 2.0 than their elected counterparts have greater influence on the social media forum with Lib Dem councillor and candidate for Reading West Daisy Benson the most influential PPC.'It wasn't until later on this evening after I finally sat down after a day spent recording another interview with BBC South, delivering leaflets, canvassing, doing casework and chatting to residents that I read Paul Waugh's blog which lists the Top 20 'politico Twitterers' and found myself in at 17...above Nick_Clegg and sandwiched between Labourites lorddrayson and Leftfootforward. All a little bizarre! I've been tweeting since January 2009 for fun and also to get more people engaged in politics, campaign,network, share ideas etc I spoke to Anne Diamond on BBC Berkshire about tweeting earlier this year. Check out the recording below.

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