Thursday, 11 February 2010

Interview with TweetyHall

Last week I recorded an interview with FutureGov the highly-creative people behind TweetyHall the excellent website which aims to bring local councillors closer to the local people they represent throught the medium of Twitter.

If you visit the website you can find out if your local councillor is on Twitter. Tweetminister does the same for MPs and PPCs.

I am passionate about using social media tools in my role as local councillor, campaigner and PPC and think that innovative ideas like TweetyHall should be encouraged as they help break down barriers and to improve the relationship between government and the governed.

I think these tools help people relate better to politicians and help politicians relate better to their electorate.

I hope websites like TweetyHall help reduce the so-called 'democratic deficit' in this country that left many people feeling disconnected from political life and that they help improve local accountability.

If you want to follow me on Twitter you can @cllrdaisybenson

You can watch my interview here:

Thanks to Carrie, Katie, Mark and Dominic. Good luck to TweetyHall!

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